New Year, New Us!

Dustin + Meghan. We are Vintage:Nine!

Dustin + Meghan. We are Vintage:Nine!

Hey Kiddos,

Dustin and Meghan here! So – in our last post we talked about some resolutions we had for the New Year. Remember those? Be more creative, collaborate more and stray from negativity – pretty easy right? Well so far we’ve been doing pretty good on staying true to our goals, but we do want to add something else to the big picture of things to accomplish this year.

Over the last few days you may have noticed a few minor changes to our website and social media, such as new information and new pictures – pretty small things, but important in the grand scheme of it all. This year we really want to try something new.

See for most of Vintage:Nine’s history we’ve hidden behind our seal, our logo, a symbol that we really do pride ourselves on but doesn’t say much about who we are as creators. That’s going to change! This year we’re going to step out from behind the camera and open up a bit. Meghan and I are here, creating for you and we want to get to know who you are.

This year is all about community and creating a space to have fun and grow.

This doesn’t mean our media is going to change – it actually means you’ll just be getting more! Films are still coming and we have so many ideas for new projects – seriously, we’re talking everything from drama, to comedy, to science fiction and more. We’re also going to be making new zines and developing an art section on our website too! And with the Vintage:Nine community being our top priority, we’ll also be releasing vlogs, which is an idea that we’ve been playing with for a few months now – but hadn’t quite been able to conceptualized fully. Now, these vlogs are going to be our way to have fun with you. These won’t be weekly recaps or anything like that. Instead these are going to be unique and fun videos on different topics or ideas that we’ll be releasing along with our other media. With this, we’ll still have monthly episodes of With the Nine coming out along with behind the scenes of our films and a few new series as well.

This year is going to be big, there’s no doubt about it. YouTube is going to be our playground so be sure to subscribe to our channel to get involved with us. 

Drop us a comment below and let us know what you want to see! 

Those 2015 Jams

2015 is already here. Can you believe it?

Last year was one of the most productive years to date – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We went to a few film festivals, wrapped production on Second Death, completed Disconnected and Arlo: The Assassin and shot some new photos while we were at it.

2014 was great!

Now it's a new year and we’re ready to do even more. Our resolutions for 2015 are simple really:

  • Be more creative.
  • Collaborate more.
  • Stray from negativity.

Easy stuff, right? Well to help us along the way, we’ve created a playlist to keep us motivated and on track.

What are your resolutions? Tell us below.

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5 Indie Gifts You Can Order Now!

The madness that is the “Gift Giving Season” has already begun and just like every year, the frenzied crowds of angry shoppers are out in full form!

Yesterday, while minding my own business in a local shop and searching through the various Christmas themed isles that were scattered throughout the store – I found the perfect gift: A slightly damaged Gilligan’s Island box set. From a distance it caught my eye, the bright yellow arrow that read “ Clearance” drawing me in further. I reached out for it, my eyes looking down to notice that it had been marked down ever further - $5. What? Are you serious? The entire show from beginning to end for $5! My heart was pounding as my fingers stretched out to reach for it – I was so close. But then, in that moment, just before I had it in my grasp, a pudgy 85-year-old woman punched me in the eye and stole my perfect gift.

Okay, she didn’t really punch me but she might as well have with the look she gave me as she smugly took the box set from me and tucked it under her purse in her cart.

I left the store with nothing – vowing to only shop online from now on.

So, without making myself any angrier, I would like to present to you:

5 Indie Gifts You Can Order Now! 



1.     Cute Butt Club Girls – Stickers by Mel Stringer

Photo: Mel Stringer Art

Photo: Mel Stringer Art

$7.63 - Click Here

Butts have been a popular topic for 2014 and what better way to celebrate that than with some awesome stickers from illustrator and all around amazing creative – Mel Stringer. Check out the rest of her shop for zines, cards, prints and more. 

Check out her store: Click Here

Check out her Facebook: Click Here

2.   Bliss – Digital Album by CHN$W

Photo: CHN$W / Elio. 

Photo: CHN$W / Elio. 

$4.00 - Click Here 

I originally stumbled across this guy’s vlogs on YouTube and then soon found his music. Seriously, check it out! Bliss is beautiful. It’s like the sounds of jazz and hip hop had a little baby and that’s one cute baby.

Cawboi is my personal favorite!

Check out his Bandcamp: Click Here

Check out his YouTube: Click Here

3. Cosplay - Photo Booklet by ChekiCardPhoto

Photo: ChekiCardPhoto

Photo: ChekiCardPhoto

$7.00 - Click Here

This is something I gifted Meghan a few months back and she really loved it. If you or anyone you know is a fan of cosplay or the convention scene, then they'll love this straight-forward, full color collection of instant photos from all around. 

Check out his shop: Click Here

Check out his Facebook: Click Here

Check out his Instagram: Click Here

4. IDK Windbreaker by Dustin Cavazos

Photo: Dustin Cavazos

Photo: Dustin Cavazos

$40.00 - Click Here

If you don't know who Dustin Cavazos is - well, you need to hop on over to Google and do a quick search immediately. He's an amazingly talented songwriter and musician, focusing his talents on the Dallas area and doing a bang up job at it. Not only is his music amazing, but he's completely involved in his community and is always giving back to his fans. The weather is getting cold so why not show some Dustin Cavazos pride while you're staying warm. 

Check out his Website: Click Here

Check out his Facebook: Click Here

5. Circles - Zine by Dustin Buck

Photo: Vintage:Nine Studios

Photo: Vintage:Nine Studios

$5.00 - Click Here

A little self-promotion never hurt anyone right? Circles is an abstract, black and white photography zine hot of the Xerox and ready to be tucked into your stocking! 28 pages, 28 circles. Oh yea! 

Check out our Shop: Click Here


What's that perfect gift you've had your eyes on lately? Let us know in the comments below and click that little heart if you enjoyed our 5 Indie Gifts You Can Order Now!