9 YouTubers We Love

Meghan and I are big YouTube viewers, be it revisiting some of our favorite creators or searching and finding new ones. We just love it. YouTube is a beautiful space for different people, with unique talents and points of view to come together to create and share something wonderful – It’s the best playground out there and it’s a playground that we love to visit every single day.

So today we thought we would take some time, go through our subscription feed and select and showcase 9 of our favorite creators.

Here they are, in no particular order: 

  • KickThePj

PJ is one of the first people we ever followed and his videos are simply amazing. With everything from short films to vlogs, visual poems to animation – he really covers all the bases of creativity.  He can go from making you laugh, to giving us something to think about in the flash of a frame and because of that, we love his work. 

  • Chase vs Everything

Chase is newer to our list of creators but from the moment we found his work, we were in love. Extremely active with his viewers, Chase shares his life through travel videos, Q&A’s, vlogs and so much more. With an eye for cinematography and some beautiful color grading, his videos are a delicious treat for the eyes.

  • Mitchell Davis - LiveLavaLive

Ah, Mitchell Davis: Everything we want to be in a content creator! From collaborating constantly, to aiding New Form Digital by starring in small roles in their first incubator of films, it’s hard not to find his work online. With vlogs, to visual goodies and music, Mitchell is everywhere and we’re so happy he is. 

  • Yulin Kuang

Yulin Kuang creates some of the best short films on YouTube and isn’t afraid to take you behind the scenes and show you her creative process. Aside from her amazing films, one of our favorite segments is her newer “Thinking Out Loud” series, which runs like a weekly vlog, but still has that filmic-artsy-uniqueness to it. 

  • Marie Jacquemin

Marie is another new creator to our list but wow, do we enjoy her work. Her past uploads consisted of vlogs and travel videos but recently she’s begun to take on some pretty big and important topics. These videos are not only conversation starters, but more so her very own visual labors of love – Seriously, just look at all that stop motion. Less than a year into her channel, she’s on her way to do some amazing things. 

  • Dan the Director

Dan is, as the name suggests, a director and traveler that creates some of the most inspirational stuff we’ve seen online. His recent profiles of Louis Cole and Ben Brown had us awe-struck. He knows how to tell a story and keeps you feeling positive, simple as that. 

  • Casey Neistat

If you’re on YouTube, then you probably know who Casey Neistat is. He’s not a vlogger, he’s a storyteller and each film that he releases is informative and fun in its very own special way. Neistat is one of the most creative and ambitions people in the game right now and he’s changing the way we look at media on YouTube. 

  • Sophie Newton

Sophie, where to begin? She’s so artistically talented and we’re such big fans of her films that we can't wait to see what she does next. Each films is so unique in its visuals, from the cinematography to the edit. Her work is minimal, but it hangs onto you and keeps you coming back again and again for anther viewing. 

  • FunForLouis

Louis Cole is the travel king - Seriously, is there a place he hasn't been? The guy's been daily vlogging for years now and each video is so immersive that you feel like you're right there next to him. Louis' main goal seems to always be to give his viewers the very best of his trips and for that we thank him. 

Who's your favorite creator on YouTube? Let us know or share their channel below! 


New Year, New Us!

Dustin + Meghan. We are Vintage:Nine!

Dustin + Meghan. We are Vintage:Nine!

Hey Kiddos,

Dustin and Meghan here! So – in our last post we talked about some resolutions we had for the New Year. Remember those? Be more creative, collaborate more and stray from negativity – pretty easy right? Well so far we’ve been doing pretty good on staying true to our goals, but we do want to add something else to the big picture of things to accomplish this year.

Over the last few days you may have noticed a few minor changes to our website and social media, such as new information and new pictures – pretty small things, but important in the grand scheme of it all. This year we really want to try something new.

See for most of Vintage:Nine’s history we’ve hidden behind our seal, our logo, a symbol that we really do pride ourselves on but doesn’t say much about who we are as creators. That’s going to change! This year we’re going to step out from behind the camera and open up a bit. Meghan and I are here, creating for you and we want to get to know who you are.

This year is all about community and creating a space to have fun and grow.

This doesn’t mean our media is going to change – it actually means you’ll just be getting more! Films are still coming and we have so many ideas for new projects – seriously, we’re talking everything from drama, to comedy, to science fiction and more. We’re also going to be making new zines and developing an art section on our website too! And with the Vintage:Nine community being our top priority, we’ll also be releasing vlogs, which is an idea that we’ve been playing with for a few months now – but hadn’t quite been able to conceptualized fully. Now, these vlogs are going to be our way to have fun with you. These won’t be weekly recaps or anything like that. Instead these are going to be unique and fun videos on different topics or ideas that we’ll be releasing along with our other media. With this, we’ll still have monthly episodes of With the Nine coming out along with behind the scenes of our films and a few new series as well.

This year is going to be big, there’s no doubt about it. YouTube is going to be our playground so be sure to subscribe to our channel to get involved with us. 

Drop us a comment below and let us know what you want to see! 

Those 2015 Jams

2015 is already here. Can you believe it?

Last year was one of the most productive years to date – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We went to a few film festivals, wrapped production on Second Death, completed Disconnected and Arlo: The Assassin and shot some new photos while we were at it.

2014 was great!

Now it's a new year and we’re ready to do even more. Our resolutions for 2015 are simple really:

  • Be more creative.
  • Collaborate more.
  • Stray from negativity.

Easy stuff, right? Well to help us along the way, we’ve created a playlist to keep us motivated and on track.

What are your resolutions? Tell us below.

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